Joe Brooker

Joe Brooker  M.Sc.PT, B.Sc.Kin



Joe graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BSc in Kinesiology and a Master’s in Physical Therapy. He enjoys treating a wide-range of musculoskeletal conditions and the satisfaction of helping people move better in order to do the things they love. It is important to him that his treatment methods are backed by evidence. His focus is for patients to learn and understand their rehabilitation, incorporating it into their daily lives.

Joe has a strong background in exercise prescription, having spent 5 years working as a certified personal trainer / kinesiologist. He also specializes in educating patients about functional movement patterns, having completed Functional Movement Systems 1 and 2. This furthered education helps him to identify who is at risk for injury within certain population groups. He has also completed Mulligans Mobilization Lower Quadrant, Mackenzie Method Part A, and the CPA Orthopedic Division Level 1 Exam.

Joe is looking forward to taking courses in sports first response, concussion management and dry needling, as well as taking the Level 2 CPA Orthopedic Division Exam.

Joe was born in England and grew up in Courtenay on Vancouver Island. An avid sportsman, Joe chooses to spend most of his spare time in recreational and competitive leagues (soccer, flag football, squash, softball, pitch and putt). Before completing his Master’s in Physiotherapy, his personal training clients appreciated his ability to speak to injury and proper movement patterns. Joe would love to talk to you about your movement goals and interests.


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