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carpal tunnel syndrome vancouver

Wondering if You May Have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

You may have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, but do you know what it is? If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may be experiencing numbness, […]

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Stretching at Your Desk

The Benefits of Stretching at Work

As discussed in the previous blog HERE, sitting is referred to as the new smoking and it can have a negative impact on your health if […]

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how to sit with proper posture

The Importance of Being Cognizant of Your Posture While Sitting

Growing up, you probably heard “sit up straight” a lot from parents and teachers. The thing is, no one really took the time to explain exactly […]

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core strengthening vancouver

What You Need to Know About Core Strength & Stability

We have all heard people say “strengthen your core”, but do we really know what that means and the importance of it?  We often relate it […]

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