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Can Acupuncture Help My Sports Injury?

When it comes to treating sporting injuries, acupuncture is usually not the first thing that comes to mind, however, it has been used for many years […]

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IntraMuscular Stimulation (IMS): Take the Sting Out of Your Muscle Injury with Dry Needling

Do you have joint pain, chronic pain, reduced range of motion, chronic muscle shortening or tightness?  Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) may be very beneficial for you! How […]

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Massage Therapy is an Excellent Addition to Your Physio Treatment

When we think of getting a massage, the first things that come to mind are feelings of relaxation and stress reduction.  And yes, it definitely has […]

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BPPV Vertigo

Are You Experiencing Dizziness and Spinning Sensations? It Could Be BPPV.

Do you suffer from dizziness? Does the room spin when you get out of bed? Do you feel light-headed? You may be experiencing BPPV – Benign […]

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