Plantar Fasciitis Vancouver

How Much Do You Know About Plantar Fasciitis?

What is plantar fasciitis? Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain. Your plantar fascia is the flat band of tissue that connects your […]

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hot or cold on injury

Should I Apply Hot or Cold?

Should I Apply Hot or Cold? This is a question that many people ask: Should I use heat or ice? Rather than just listening to what […]

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water on the knee vancouver

Do You Suffer from Water on the Knee?

Also known as “knee effusion”, water on the knee is a condition in which excess fluid accumulates around your knee joint. Your knee is contained within […]

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core stability programs vancouver

The Importance of Strengthening Your Core

It’s really important to include exercises in your fitness routine to train your core muscles. Many people think that exercising your core means focusing on your […]

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