prevent gardening injuries vancouver

9 Tips for Gardening from a Physiotherapist

Spring is just around the corner, which also means that one of the most popular hobbies is as well – gardening! Many people may not think […]

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headache physio vancouver

How Physiotherapy May Help Your Headaches

It goes without saying that headaches are one of the most common ailments. Everyone, unfortunately, experiences a headache every now and then. There are two categories […]

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sleep physio vancouver

Your Physiotherapist Can Help You Get a Better Night’s Rest!

Do you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night? If so, you know firsthand how a lack of sleep can affect your overall physical […]

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curling injuries physio vancouver

Getting into Curling? Here’s What You Need to Know!

You have likely watched curling on television or online. It looks like pretty easy and not too hard on the body, right? Not so fast. It […]

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