headache physio vancouver

How Physiotherapy May Help Your Headaches

It goes without saying that headaches are one of the most common ailments. Everyone, unfortunately, experiences a headache every now and then. There are two categories […]

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x-ray or mri

Do You Need an X-Ray or MRI Before You Get Physiotherapy?

If you have been involved in an accident or suffered a major trauma, you should definitely book an appointment to see your family doctor, who will […]

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how to carry purse

Peter Curtain of Dunbar Physio Featured on Global News: How to Carry Bags & Purses to Avoid Pain

It’s so important to know how to carry your bags and purses the right way to avoid back and shoulder pain. Our very own physiotherapist Peter […]

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pregnancy physio vancouver

Thinking of Getting Pregnant or Already Pregnant? Your Physiotherapist Can Help Make this Experience as Comfortable as Possible

So you’re thinking of getting of getting pregnant or you’re already pregnant? Or maybe you know of someone who is and you can share this post […]

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