Dikla Barer (Dee)

Dikla (Dee) Barer B.H.K. (ExSc.), M.Sc.PT, CGIMS

Vancouver Physiotherapist


An avid sports enthusiast, I have always enjoyed sports such as biking, swimming, skiing, running and hiking so Vancouver is the place to be!  My love for adventure and travel has taken me around the world, but love for the “West Coast” brought me back to Vancouver. After life guarding through my teens and University, I also worked as a fitness trainer with injured and healthy combat soldiers, solidifying my path to becoming a physiotherapist.

I currently hold a master of Physical Therapy from Queens University (2008), and a bachelor in Human Kinetics (Exercise Science) from UBC.

My knowledge of anatomy and physiology and whole body approach looks at the immediate injured area as well as the root cause whether from impact, movement dysfunction, musculoskeletal imbalances, growing, and/or underlying genetic structure. With years of private orthopaedic clinic experience, my treatment approach for acute and chronic musculoskeletal dysfunctions combines client centered hands on manual therapy, and client empowerment through education, body awareness and rehabilitation exercises. I help clients get back to their passion whether it be strolling on the beach, playing with the grandkids, or preparing for the “iron man” I will help get you there.

My areas of expertise include: Orthopaedic, neurological, post-op, and Sport rehabilitation with experience on Runners, swimmers, skiers, soccer players, rowers, and weekend worriers of all ages and athletic level.  I have a special interest in: knees, ankles, shoulders, lumbosacral dysfunctions and TMJ.

Additional certifications include Advanced Orthopaedic Manual Physiotherapy and Manipulative Physiotherapy, Taping techniques, Myofascial releases, and therapeutic exercise. A firm believer in continuing education, I am constantly seeking to grow my skill sets.


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