Nicholas Britnell

Nick Britnell  B.Sc.PT (Hons)

Vancouver Physiotherapist


Nick graduated with honours from the University of Manchester, School of Physiotherapy in 1997.

He previously graduated with honours in Biological Sciences in 1990 from Manchester University.

On moving to Vancouver he worked as a physiotherapist in various clinics in Vancouver, the North Shore of Vancouver and Smithers before settling at Dunbar Physiotherapy Clinic in 2000.

Nick is currently a teaching assistant with the anatomy component of the Masters of Physiotherapy programme at UBC.

Nick is continually updating his skill set and knowledge base. Recent courses have included:

  • Recent Advances in Clinical Sports Medicine Including Concussion Update – November 2013
  • Certification in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging for Physiotherapists – November 2014
  • Rost Therapy – Relieving Sacro-iliac and Pubic Pain During and After Pregnancy – November 2014
  • Clinical Applications of Pain Science for Manual Therapists – February 2015

Nick has completed his V5 Advanced Manual Therapy Education. He is a certified Rost Therapist and certified in the use of ultrasound for the evaluation of musculoskeletal issues. His treatment approach remains grounded in exercise and manual physiotherapy.



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“I had an acute knee issue and was getting little or no help from another physio office…I seemed to be getting worse. A friend recommended Nick at Dunbar Physio…with little hope given my previous experience, as by then I had been hurting and using a cane for nearly six weeks. But amazingly enough, I got relief the very same day and stop using the cane after a single session…now I am ready to spend 3 months traipsing around Europe, which I had thought impossible a few months ago.  Best of all, it was very instructive as well as therapeutic.” – Rick Pollay, Prof. of Marketing, UBC

“I had several weeks of upper back and rib pain, not responding to massage therapy treatments. I saw Nick Britnell thanks to a recommendation from my friend and next-door neighbour. On listening to my description, before even examining me, Nick determined my issue and then confirmed it on physical exam. All this with compassion, understanding, thorough explanations and humour! I have since seen Nick on several occasions for this problem and for other physio issues. It’s always a pleasure! He has gifted hands and a wealth of knowledge.” – Nancy B.

“I suffered from SI Joint pain which had been a problem off and on for many years but had recently become constant due to tennis.  Nick was able to pinpoint the problem very quickly. He took the time to clearly explain what was happening, showed me in a skeletal model, and helped me understand the issue without baffling me with jargon.  A great communicator on top of his talent for physiotherapy. Nick sent me away with exercises to alleviate the condition, knowledge and a plan that I could take responsibility for. He enabled me to help myself – what a gift!” – Lynn Z.


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